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What Will Your Last Words Be?

What will your last words be? by cum_on_bitch
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Die Another Day - Prologue

Title: Die Another Day
Fandom: Jumper
Characters: Griffin/David with a pitch of Millie
Summary: When the Paladins continue to hunt David, will Griffin decide to help David? Or will he just follow on his own path once more?
Rating: I don't know I guess PG13, R in some chapters
Author's Notes: I don't own Jumper or any of it's characters which sucks, if I did I would so share with you peoples. I will be putting in some of my own characters here and there though, so those will be mine or my friends, therefore you do not get to use them, unless you ask me and I say you can. Now go read the story ^_^

The first time I saw David was about a week before Rome, he jumped in front of a crowded bar in London just so he could be next to a girl which I suppose he ended up sleeping with. Immediately I knew he was either a new Jumper or just very stupid and naïve but yet lucky, I found out it was the later. After seeing his jump scar I knew where I had seen it before actually I had seen it quite a lot, David Rice was the mysterious bank robbery that didn’t need doors. I know because every Jumpers jump scar is unique so if you can learn to read them you can tell who the Jumper was. That’s how I knew he was just stupid and naïve but unbelievably lucky, I hate people like that. They have tons of luck and hardly loss anything, that is until their luck run out and they start to lose people they love.

I’ve never gotten luck, to have a moment of the slightest stupidness or naiveness, if I had been stupid or naïve then I would be dead by now. Anybody that knows me knows that I have no luck, everyone I have ever gotten close to, cared about, and/or loved have ended up dead. The only reason I started keeping track of the bank robber and then started tracking David was because Roland wanted him. David had stayed off to many of those Jumper radars that Paladins have not havehad someone helping him somewhere.

David didn’t know anything about the war that was going on, once he did he acted like he was connected to it somehow other than him being a Jumper. He wanted us to team up against the Paladins ‘just this once’ I know what that’s code for, ‘this one time until I need your help again’. He wanted to go against Roland, that had bad idea all over it, he had no idea what Roland was like, what he could do. I was nine when I first saw Roland it was when he slashed at my throat, I would have died if it had not been for someone telling them I was dead and putting pressure on the neck wound.

After all I have ever been through and depict all my training I lose to David, a Jumper that doesn’t know anything in all honesty. He decided to leave me in a downed power transition tower in Chechnya, though I might have had to killed his girlfriend so I partly understand the anger. But there is no way that David will make it out of there alive and if he does because of his stupid luck then he won’t kill Roland and then he’ll have to later deal with a pissed off Roland. How does he expect to keep his little girlfriend save and alive while fighting off Roland. Roland will be back, he always comes back.

Well anyway the point is I really wish I hadn’t met David or at the least that he had left me alone for good the first time I told him to fuck off. Because now the only thing I got out of it is being shocked by I don’t want to know how much electricity in the middle of Chechnya and all while having bombs and guns going off all around me. Trust me it is not fun and I do not suggest to putting it on a To Do List.

Even though at the moment I would really like to hunt David down and hurt if not kill him, I won’t. Not because I can’t, though the tower is causing some issues at the moment, no David will come in handy later. Roland is pissed off that a Jumper beat him and he will go after David again and again until David or himself is dead. So where David goes Roland will soon follow, all I have to do is find David, follow him, and once Roland shows up deal with him myself. Firstly however I am going to have to get out of this damned tower.


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